Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Indie Feature :: Erin Jane Designs (@erinjanestaples)

Favorite materials/tools?
Materials- Lovely gemstones and silver. Tools- My hands and fire.

Creative icon?
Wow. That’s difficult. There are so many wonderfully talented artists, designers and stylists out there and they are all inspiring. Right now, I’m loving Tine Kjeldsen.

Other artistic outlets?
I’m a super-amateur painter. I tend to be very careful when I’m making jewelry and with my painting – there’s no need, so it’s great to just let loose. I also love to garden and cook.

Best advise:
I’m not really one to give advice...I normally seek it out :). But here is goes - do something that makes you happy, have confidence, and always be learning more. “Learning more...” that sounds terribly general, but whether it’s new skills and techniques, new marketing, etc...if you are learning, you are improving.

Daytime mega crafter or creative genius by night?
Daytime mega crafter.


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